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  • Kendwa Rocks
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  • Scuba Do Zanzibar
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  • Kendwa Beach
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Kendwa is a small village in Zanzibar that's famous for its beach. The beach here is a long stretch of white sand and bright blue sea that extends more than 3km south of the tip of the island. Along Kendwa beach, you'll find a number of resorts, hotels, and guesthouses, which make it perfect for anyone who wants to book a vacation to relax on the sand. But if you're looking for a quieter experience, don't worry! There's a ton of space on the beach, and you're sure to be able to escape some of the crowds. Kendwa isn't effected by changing tides, making it the perfect place for swimming and water sports at any time of day. Its also an amazing place to catch the sunset.

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Trattasi di una grandissima spiaggia dai colori spettacolari. In ogni momento della giornata i colori della sabbia, del mare e del cielo sono perfetti, soprattutto al tramonto. A tal proposito si consiglia di rimanere in spiaggia fino al tramonto per assistere ai balli tradizionali che vengono fatti ogni giorno quando il sole comincia a calare.

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