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Amos Gwa
Amos Gwa reviewed:
Jardín botánico de Denver
1007 York St, Denver, CO 80206
Amos Gwa's rating:Dec 10, 2018
A very calm and beautiful place
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Dialloumar Diallo
Dialloumar Diallo reviewed:
Dujianyan Irrigation Systen
No.141 Tianyi Street, Chengdu, China
Dialloumar Diallo's rating:Dec 10, 2018
Divine connection
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Tony Lin
Tony Lin reviewed:
2967 Michelson Drive, Irvine, CA 92612
Tony Lin's rating:Dec 10, 2018
Lemonade is located in the Michelson shopping center directly across from the Verizon Store. Like the other Lemonade location this place serves a healthy choice of create your own plate selections. ... Leer más
This is a great stop for those looking for a quick healthy meal or even just to enjoy a refreshing lemonade refreshment.
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Maki Makino
Maki Makino reviewed:
Yonaha Maehama Beach (前浜ビーチ )
Yonaha-1382 Shimoji, Miyakojima, Okinawa Prefecture 906-0000, Japan
Maki Makino's rating:Dec 10, 2018
東洋一美しいビーチと言われる与那覇前浜ビーチは、宮古島の南西部にあります。初めて訪れた時、粒子が細かく繊細な白い砂浜と宮古ブルーと言われる鮮やかな青い海、そして空のコントラストがあまりに美しく、心を奪われました。繊細な白砂なので、足が痛くなることもなく、小さい子ども連れのファミリーにもオススメです。ビーチの前には、「ウィンディ前浜」というビーチハウスがあり、食べ物や飲み物の調達、 ... Leer más
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Schel @schel74Pro 2017
Schel @schel74 reviewed:
Hilton London Gatwick Airport
Eastway, Gatwick Airport, Gatwick, RH6 0LL, United Kingdom
Schel @schel74's rating:Dec 10, 2018
Well sometimes you get lucky. This is me when I was passing through London last august. My flight from WOW Air missed our connection and well WOW sucks and screwed my daughter and I badly on our ... Leer más
vacation. None the less, I was able to book a night here at the Hilton, walking distance to the airport, for a great price online. We then were able to walk over immediately check in and go spend a partial day in London.So the hotel has a fairly expensive breakfast that i thought was included but it wasnt. Regardless it was a very nice looking Hilton. Better than ones that I have stayed at in Asia or across the US. The staff was rather friendly and helpful. The concierge, gave us some great tips for our trek over to London and things to do in London on limited time. The bed and room were clean comfortable and well we had some acceptable TV channels to watch. So overall we were quite satisfied with our room here. Super easy to check in and check out. I recommend this stop if you need a place close to Gatwick and the Train...
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Schel @schel74Pro 2017
Schel @schel74 reviewed:
tender trap, Glendale
142 w arrow hwy, Covina, California
Schel @schel74's rating:Dec 10, 2018
So you want a complete hole in the wall dive bar of ill repute filled with every kind of low life and personage that you can imagine... Well you may be able to find me here...This place rocks. ... Leer más
Literally the jukebox is pretty powerful. A number of TVs, a pool table, Giant Golden Tee machine in the corner and well you get the picture... add in some smoke, cheap drinks, a personable bartender, and a lot of interesting stories. I tell you this place rocks.Hell when I first got inside and made my way to the bar, a young guy with face and neck ink moved over to let me order my drink in a courteous fashion. This just lets you know this is a friendly place no matter how out of place you may think you are. Its just a chill joint.So come check it out and enjoy a pint or a couple of shots, or sip some whiskey, its a great joint to do so.
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Marcelo Pinho
Marcelo Pinho reviewed:
Alvear Icon Hotel
Aimé Painé 1130, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Marcelo Pinho's rating:Dec 10, 2018
O Alvear Icon Hotel está localizado no badalado bairro de Puerto Madero. Os seus quartos são amplos, limpos e espaçosos. O café da manhã é bastante elogiado por todos e é servido diariamente no ... Leer más
restaurante Kayla, que fica no 31º andar e tem uma bela vista.O hotel ainda oferece piscina coberta aquecida, saunas seca e a vapor, ducha escocesa, cabines de tratamento e uma academia completa. Durante os dias quentes é possível usar uma piscina aberta e um solário. É uma grande opção para relaxar na cidade de Buenos Aires.
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Naiba reviewed:
Petit Brot - Cold Press • Raw • Eco
Carrer del Dr. Dou, 10, 08001 Barcelona, Spain
Naiba's rating:Dec 09, 2018
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