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Ivolginskiy Datsan

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Дорожная ул., Ivolginskiy datsan, Buryatia, Russia
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If you are a Buddhist or just like to check out weird stuff while travelling, add this place to your list. Dashi-Dorzho Itigilov's (Russia's most important Buddhist) remains are on display here and kept in a glass box. However, they are only exhibited on holidays which is seven days in a year so plan your visit accordingly.

It's an interesting place to visit as Buddhism was all but wiped out from Russia during Soviet Russia, but is growing a following again in modern times.

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Buddhism has had a hard run in Russia - at one point every Buddhist temple was burned and thousands of monks killed in a nation-wide purge. When Ivolginsky Datsan was built in 1945, it was the only such house of worship in the country. Today Buddhism is thriving in Siberia and this traditional Datsan is a sacred and reverent place.

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Ivolginskiy Datsan

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